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Reply to Jen - I assume you work at or own 0 degree and if thats the case, I feel you are very rude and inappropriate in your responses to customers giving their feedback and advice. And if you are not affiliated with this restaurant, than I would suggest to stop posting as you're making this place look bad. I was thinking of giving this place another try until I saw your comments. My husband and I are actually ice cream connoisseurs and appreciate the best icecream out there which is why we were going to give this place a try so please do not assume we would not appreciate it. Part of what makes good icecream and food is also good service..which between our experience and these posts, I do not feel this place has. We can appreciate the time the time it takes to make ice cream like this, however, i dont feel anyone should have to wait 45 minutes to get 2 small ice creams even at the best place. I also feel customers should not be pushed aside for a large group of other customers when f
Jesus Claudio
Really good
Reply to Amber Turner: Did you get your ice cream? The way you asked for it? You need to lighten up.

0 Degree Best Ice Cream Shop in Connecticut

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