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Ethan Platt
My wife and daughter are gluten-free .... do you have GF options?
Sal Dominello/Modern Formals
My name is Sal Dominello from Modern Formals of Middletown. I am asking for your help in donating a gift card for a Prom Raffle I am holding during this upcoming prom season. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your attention. Sal Dominello
My family went here today to try it out and we ended up leaving frustrated and annoyed without any food. When we arrived there was about 2 families in front of us...about 8 people total. We ended up waiting for over 30 minutes..closer to 40 to get 1 ice cream!!! Thats ridiculous. We were there with our 8 month old son and could not wait that long. We planned it only you take a few minutes to get our food and thenot we could enjoy it. What was even more frustrating was that another family after us..by about 15 minutes or more...started to get their food made before us by an another employee that had just arrived. I'm not sure if they were friends or family if the workers but it was very frustrating. It should not take that long to get an icecream. I've gotten food quicker than that at a down down restaurant . We really wanted to give this place a try but I'm not sure I want to go back again.

0 Degree Best Ice Cream Shop in Connecticut

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