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I walked in to order a bubble tea (yours is my favorite) to celebrate my birthday. There was no issue opening the door it was not locked. The employee was making another guests order so myself and my friend patiently waited. After a few minuets the employee said I’m sorry to tell you but we close at three it’s our new fall hours. It was 3:02 and we had already been in the store for a few minuets. She waited until we had been standing and made our choices and the door was not locked. I have been to this location a few times but will most likely not return. The concept is fun and the treats are good but the customer service has downfall since my last visit.
How is a place of business that serves ice cream and tea (items typically under $10) going to charge a card fee or make you spend over $10? There’s four other restaurants on Main St Middletown that serve boba tea. Might as well go there for better sweets and service.

0 Degree Best Ice Cream Shop in Connecticut

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