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How is a place of business that serves ice cream and tea (items typically under $10) going to charge a card fee or make you spend over $10? There’s four other restaurants on Main St Middletown that serve boba tea. Might as well go there for better sweets and service.
I would really appreciate hearing back from a manager. The first time I was here it was great. This time was not great. I had a party of 4 people with 3 orders. We each ordered one after the other, and got our ice cream at nowhere near the same time. They seemed to get mixed up in the "line" of empty cups. One girl was taking the orders, and taking them and taking them, and only one girl was making them. At one point there were about 12 cups in a line. From start to finish it took my party 40 minutes to receive our ice cream. That is just crazy. The party behind us asked how long we had been waiting and cancelled their orders. The only reason I am not giving one star is because it really is a delicious product. But the service, or lack thereof, was awful. I am seeing lots of good reviews, so hopefully this was just an off night. Sadly, I don't know if I will be back.

0 Degree Best Ice Cream Shop in Connecticut

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