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D Kane
I was charged $6.59+tax ($7) which is your clearly posted price for the one size only ice cream. When I paid with a credit card I was told I would then incur a $.50 fee for doIng so. I believe it’s legal to give a chase discount, but isn’t adding a charge for using a card illegal?
Matthew Safalow
Hi! We are hosting an electric car show to promote EVs in the Hartford area for National Drive Electric Week at Kingswood Oxford School on September 8, 2018. We would love it if Oº could operate a popup tent for four hours from 9AM - 1PM on that day to sell food/drinks to the event goers. If you can setup and run a popup tent, let us know! We would love to partner with you guys (since we're so close by) and we will gladly place your logo on our marketing as an official sponsor of the event. Thanks, Matt Safalow '19 Event Coordinator Kingswood Oxford School 170 Kingswood Rd, West Hartford, CT 06119
Susan Cornell
I just returned from bringing my husband and son to Odegree. We ordered and sat down at 9:45pm, we were then told that only take-out orders were accepted (after receiving the order and sitting), and that we would have to leave. Since the store closes at 10pm, shouldn't customers be allowed to sit at 9:45? Instead, we sat in front of another business ... a bit cold outside...next time I spend $21 on ice cream, I'll make sure I can sit to enjoy for 5 minutes.

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