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I've eaten here a few times and the ice cream was good however the manager is very rude. I'm currently looking for a first job and decided I would apply here, however when I called in on multiple days to talk to the manager about an interview I've heard him say in the background in a snobbish voice that he doesn't have time for calls
The ice cream is very good, but the management sucks I heard he pays his employees minimum wage and under the table but also takes out taxes. And if they are sick or a death in the family then he tells the other employees he doesn't care. They better come in or they are fired (he uses the fired card all the time I heard). I was getting ice cream with my family one day and the employees had a little down time because how busy it gets and they were laughing, nothing outrageous but enjoying the down time and the manager told them in a rude manner to SHUT UP. So I turned around and asked him "Is that the way you do business here, and treat your employees?" And he had nothing to say. I can tell he hires young kids so he can treat them any type of way. But just with me witnessing that I will not, nor my family and friends will be going there anymore. He has to understand his employees are the ones making him money and making his customers come back, and for him to be nasty and rude I don't t
Jonathan Cuebas
My partner and I stopped by yesterday for the first time. I have to say that the experience was worth it. Watching them make your ice cream in front of you, along with the unique way it is completed was entertaining. As for the taste, I have absolutely no complaints. It was worth it! The only thing that I say can use some improvement is the customer service, the cashier was not as friendly and turned his back on us to be on his phone. Regardless the ice cream experience was fun and I would go back to try some of the other flavors.

0 Degree Best Ice Cream Shop in Connecticut

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